An ADA compliant sign

While some signs in the Atlanta metro are ADA compliant, you may find that the standards are not always followed. This probably comes down to a couple simple things:  either a lack of knowledge of the guidelines, or a desire or need to meet an aesthetic goal that conflicts with ADA compatibility. With penalties ranging in the thousands of dollars, and perhaps a desire to make things more accessible for persons with disabilities, you may wish to reflect on these five areas when it comes to your ADA signage.


The mounting of your sign should take into consideration the height requirements of the ADA guidelines.  If you check the code you will find most scenarios described in detail, though actually interpretations of the code can vary.  Your local building inspector should be a good source of information regarding the mounting location of your sign.  Keep in mind the location depends on the height of the tactile characters above the finished floor.

Character Size

Guidelines for the size of tactile are fairly straightforward and there are minimum and maximum sizes to consider.  Customs in Dekalb County may differ from those of Gwinnett County, but often discrepancies are due to designs that do not allow enough room for compliant braille and tactile.


Speaking of braille, there are different ways to fabricate braille signs and United Signs can make them compliant no matter which fabrication method is chosen.  ADA signage guidelines describe the structure of the dot, the cell spacing, and placement. Note that these are not to specify materials that must be used or not used but rather the size and shape of the braille dots and cells.


We have traveled from Sandy Springs to Decatur and often wondered why font guidelines are not followed. They are fairly straightforward and relate to the tactile, and the size and case of characters among other things. Keep in mind our team at United Signs can employ many methods to make your signs aesthetically pleasing and ADA compliant at the same time.


Kerning, or adjusting the spacing between individual characters, is another subject of ADA standards.  What is tricky is some characters may need to be separated more from others to be compliant, and this can make the spacing appear off.  Kerning may be the least liked of ADA guidelines.

Fortunately at United Signs we can help you navigate this process and craft your ADA signage to make your spaces more accessible to those with disabilities.  To learn more call us at 404-272-2633 or submit our no-obligation contact form and one of our experienced team members will be glad to assist you.



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