We at United Signs would like to pose a question: suppose you do business in Druid Hills, or in Roswell perhaps – what can you do that is detrimental to your business or organization, that sends a bad message, and that potentially turns away customers and visitors?  Here is the answer:  use broken, damaged, old, outdated, unattractive signage.  If a person sees such a sign – one that is dirty, or missing letters, has lights out, or doesn’t support the companies branding, for example – that person likely wonders what else that business neglects or does poorly.  That person may presume the company’s product or service is neglected, or that its customer service is sub-par.

Here is another question to think about:  suppose you do business in Mableton, or anywhere in Cobb County for that matter:  what can promote your business or organization for many years but is only paid for once?  Or what marketing campaign, without adding to the cost, gets hundreds or thousands of views every day?  Yes, it’s a good, well-fabricated sign. Whether it is interior signage, exterior signage, or wayfinding signage, the sign you use speaks volumes about who you are, what you do, and how you do it.  Good signage may even be considered the most cost-effective marketing effort you make.  Let us at United Signs give you a few other things to think about:

Mr. Bones BBQ sign

There are studies that suggest far more people learn about a business by seeing your sign than they do by seeing television commercials, hearing radio commercials, reading an advertisement in a newspaper, or even by word of mouth (of which there is much in Atlanta).

Others suggest impulse buying can increase by half due to effective, well-designed, well-fabricated retail signage.

Even other studies show that nearly 60% of people will not enter a business if it has no sign; nearly 70% made a purchase on account of an interesting sign; and 80% of American consumers entered a company’s place of business because of a sign that caught their interest.

If you are concerned about your existing signage, and want to send the best message possible, United Signs would be happy to assist you.  We can design or re-design, fabricate, and install a sign that delivers the proper solution for your company. Call United Signs of Peachtree Corners at 404-272-2633, or use our no-obligation contact form to inquire about how we can help your business or organization thrive through effective signage.


UNITED SIGNS is Georgia’s Premier Full Service Architectural Sign Company. We provide custom sign designs, in-house sign fabrication, and installation of every type of sign.  We service all of Metro Atlanta, and many other Georgia communities. We have designed & fabricated signs nationwide from New York to California for national chains, franchise & major corporations. 

The UNITED SIGNS staff is a professional and talented team of designers, fabricators, and installers who take great pride in helping Georgia businesses with their sign needs.


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