Signage is everywhere in Atlanta – along the highways, in front of shopping centers, in the stores, on the buildings.  We’ve seen signage we like in Stone Mountain, and signage we think could be improved in Marietta, and vice versa.  Good signs are based on good designs, and our professional staff at United Signs has a few tips to share on the elements of good sign design.

Sign design by an expert

Take Into Account Installation
The installation should be kept in mind throughout the design process.  And needless to say, it should be professionally done.  The sign represents your organization so don’t ignore the installation.  United Signs does installation and with us you can be sure it will be done properly.

Use White Space
There’s nothing to fear about white space.  Not every inch of your sign needs to be filled in, and sometimes making characters smaller and including more space around them can actually make a word more visible.  Isolation, when used properly, can often work better than a large size.

Design Your Signage to be Consistent
If you have several signs in Druid Hills, a website, and a storefront in Decatur, make your signage consistent.  Using the same colors is one way to achieve that.  Using the same font is another.  While signs can be unique, there also should be consistency across all of your signage.

Use the Right Font
The font should fit the business.  It can help a customer identify the type of business you are running.  At the same time guard against over-used fonts which can become cliché.  The choice of font is an important one.

It Must Be Legible
We’ve seen signs all over North Fulton County and elsewhere that are just plain hard to read.  A sign has to be legible, especially when you need to communicate a message over a long distance or to a moving vehicle.  Overly decorative fonts and characters that are too small can often be the culprits.

Use Color Well
Make sure the color doesn’t actually distract the viewer who is reading the sign.  Make text readable on top of any color being used for a background.  Don’t use too many colors, which can oftentimes be a distraction.

Stick to the Function
It’s better to serve one function well than several poorly.  Sign elements that serve the function should generally be more prominent than others.  And don’t fall into the trap of designing a sign with too much information, use just enough to serve your function well.

Get Help
A sign is important so use a professional graphic designer.  At United Signs our design experts will help you with all aspects of sign design, and by employing the above mentioned principles design a sign that complements your business and is attractive to customers.

Questions?  Call United Signs at 404-272-2633 or submit our no-obligation contact form.  Our design team will be happy to assist you in designing the perfect sign for your business or organization.


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